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East Midlands Talent Radio - Online Radio Station Promoting Unsigned Bands & Musicians
Who Are We?

Online radio station promoting unsigned bands and musicians in the Midlands. Get your music heard by A&R management and your fans!

We are the UK's first online radio station dedicated to promoting unsigned artists and musicians - and nothing else! If you're an artist, musician, band or producer and you're unsigned and looking to get some exposure you can sign up to our services and we'll broadcast your music for free! That's free exposure for your unsigned music!

East Midlands Talent Radio is an online radio station run by local musicians bringing you a new avenue of exposure for your unsigned music - FREE music promotion for a limited time only!

Aiming to promote East Midlands bands and musicians we are looking for completed unsigned material to broadcast on our station so we can get established as a quality and well-respected online radio station as quickly as possible. Initially, all songs will be played at random and when we get enough material and musicians involved we can then expand and start running scheduled shows so you can tune in to hear your track selection at the same time each week! Better still, get your fans and potential A&R to tune in to hear your tracks! Are you ready to join?

We're Online! First Broadcast:! 17/11/2007

We are ONLINE! As of Saturday 17th at noon we are broadcasting 24/7 with the best of unsigned and independent artists and bands from all over the Midlands, UK and further afield. 

Our launch was a great success and, despite our celebratory hangovers, are looking forward to a bright future and to working with all the artists we have on board so far.

We'd love to keep you updated on this and other news easily through our occasional emailouts. All you need to do is submit your email address here and we'll keep you updated. 

Tune In
You can tune in simply by clicking here. Having trouble? Correct music player not opening? Simply open up the correct player, click open URL/add URL and paste:

If you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested in our offer of free music exposure, please let them know how to get in touch with us.

We are still focusing on attracting as many musicians, bands, producers and artists as possible so we can get a good selection of music from a wide variety of genres and backgrounds. If you have any unsigned or independent material that you'd like to submit you can join now. Or if you know of anyone who may be interested in our offerings, please let them know how to get in touch with us at enquires[at]

We know what your music means to you - being as we were once in your position. Between us we have many years of musical involvement and we now want to pass on our experience and knowledge through our website and help provide another avenue for you to promote your unsigned music to your fans and potential record labels.

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